Empowering learners for high-growth digital careers

FourthRev builds world class online learning programmes that lead to qualifications from leading universities, certifications from the world's best technology companies and digital technology jobs with a global network of employer partners.

FourthRev accelerates university delivery of cutting-edge, digital skills programs.


Grow institution enrolments

Bolster industry partnerships

Drive online excellence

Increase university revenues

Enhance student experiences

Improve graduate employability

FourthRev courses incorporate leading technologies and industry certifications to meet the highest areas of student and employer demand.

Business Analytics, Data Analytics and Data Science

Cloud Computing, Architecture and Development

API Development, Platform and Software Integration

Digital Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience

Software, Programming and Development


FourthRev offers market-driven curriculum aligned to industry demand and student preference.

The highest and still-growing employer demand sits within the digital technology sector:


Digital job capacity is expected to grow by 149m in 2020-2025.


67% of global large employers are unable to find the talent to fill open jobs


Digitization is projected to create 20-50 million jobs globally by 2030

The leading student career preferences are directly aligned to the digital technology sector:


Tech companies are the number 1 employer of choice for both business and STEM graduates.

Top 3

The top 3 factors in graduate career preference are high future earnings; innovation and professional training and development.


Digital leads all these criteria, including a wage differential of 29% over non-digital roles.

“The Future Of Work is a Race
Between Education and Technology”