Digital Marketing Strategy & Analytics

Learn to design and deliver digital marketing strategies at a leadership level, using data to inform your decision-making.

Developed in collaboration with industry leaders

6 months online

12-15 hours per week

Starts 29 July 2024

Apply by 22 July 2024

Structured but flexible

Weekly goals. Your schedule.

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Get more than skills – get results

Elodie Hudson

“I made a successful career change after 16 years in one industry.”

Gåbriela Romanïni

“I was hired into a more senior position with better pay.”

Hazel Chan

“I shifted into my dream role at my current company.”

What you’ll learn

Each of the three, six-week courses is purpose-built to give you the practical capability you need to stand out in the marketing industry. In the fourth and final course – a six-week Employer Project – you’ll apply what you’ve learned to a real-world scenario.

Who you’ll learn from

Subject Experts

To ensure relevance and rigour, the programme content is developed in consultation with both university faculty and industry leaders.


Get both live and on-demand guidance from experienced professionals for content challenges and industry best practices.

Career Coaches

Set yourself up for long-term success in your career through a mix of one-to-one sessions and interactive masterclasses with your coach.

Get proof of what you know and of what you can do

If you want to stand out, you need the right knowledge and the ability to translate it into action.

The university certificate you’ll earn once you graduate is a recognised mark of excellence that helps you stand out in a crowded market. To complement the certificate, you can use the Employer Project as a case study to prove the relevance of what you’ve learned and your ability to deliver commercial value to a business.

Different ways to invest in your career

Accessing our flexible payment plans is easier than you think (it takes less than 5 minutes).
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reduced rate

Benefit from a reduced rate by making payment upfront, in full, prior to the start of the programme.




6 months

 no added fees or interest

Make a 10% deposit of £630 and then six monthly payments of £945.



24 months

 no added fees or interest

This plan is only available to UK citizens and residents, and is offered through our finance partner EdAid. You’ll be required to make a 10% deposit, followed by 24 monthly payments of £237.



What could you earn as a digital marketing specialist?

As of October 2023, insights from Glassdoor indicate that a digital marketer in the UK is likely to earn:

up to £58k per year

up to £62k per year for those in senior roles

over £80k per year as an executive.

If you’re a business, you could be our next partner

We work with industry partners in a few different ways, and we’re open to finding a way that works for you. Here are some of the benefits.

Outsource a project

Co-design a business project to get access to the minds of a group of ambitious and diverse professionals who are solely focused on solving your business problem.

Train your team

We’ll work with you to find a custom solution for your team on all or part of a programme. As learners or mentors, they’ll benefit from relevant skills and university-approved knowledge.

Make recruitment easier

Transform the way you recruit for complex digital roles with exposure to a highly relevant pool of talent and tangible proof of what they’re capable of.

“Working as part of the Employer Project has been valuable to us as an organisation. We were fortunate to work closely with an extremely talented cohort, benefitting from the insights and ideas they shared.”

John Kostovski, Product Manager – Identify, DocuSign

Why learn digital marketing?

There are now over five billion internet users worldwide.1 It’s a huge opportunity for digital marketing – but it has also revealed an industry challenge: data is plentiful, but without an understanding of how to use it, marketing leaders can fall short of their potential.
It’s clear that many are already behind, with data analytics being one of the biggest skill gaps in marketing departments. For marketers looking to step into leadership or build a stronger digital marketing toolkit, an understanding of data and how to use it is key to building a team and strategy that delivers results.

A holistic approach for ongoing impact

Career Accelerators address four knowledge and skill groups that lay the foundations for sustainable career success.


Technical knowledge, skills, and experience in high-demand technologies.


The business understanding needed to apply technical skills in a meaningful way.


Human skills essential for
on-the-job performance, promotions, and leadership.


Self-awareness and reflective capabilities critical for sustained career growth.

If you’re not sure, speak to someone

Find out if this programme will suit you and your goals by talking to an Enrolment Advisor. They’ll help you feel confident in your decision (whether it’s a yes or a no).

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