Siobhán started her career as a software engineer. After seven years at her current company, she had the opportunity to move into a UX designer role.
UX Design is rapidly becoming one of the most in-demand fields. Here's our guide on what a UX designer does, how much they earn and how to grow your UX career.
After 4 months on the King’s UX Design Career Accelerator, Aman landed a job as a UX designer. Follow her journey as she followed her passion and got hired.
Launching Your UX Design Career: Advice from Industry Experts
"UX Design industry experts joined us at a recent webinar to discuss what it takes to launch a UX Design career. From skills, to salary expectations, they discuss it all."
Summer White
We're excited to announce our second Career Accelerator with King's – this time in UX Design. Here's what you need to know about the programme launching soon.

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