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Introducing Career Accelerators

Data Analytics Career Accelerator

The inaugural career accelerator in Data Analytics brings together knowledge from experts at LSE, technology leaders Tableau and Github, and industry employers Thoughtworks and Robert Walters.


FourthRev Career Accelerators

The digitisation of the global economy driven by The Fourth Industrial Revolution has been dramatically accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, with company digital transformation agendas shifting forwards by up to 7-years.

As a result, the post-pandemic economy will look fundamentally different to that which came before. The world economic forum has forecast that digitisation of the global economy will result in 85 million lost jobs, primarily resulting from AI & Automation, whilst simultaneously creating 97 million new jobs. Microsoft has recently forecast that digital technology job capacity will increase by 149 million worldwide by 2025, including 3 million in the UK.

To succeed in this new economy, the workforce of the future will require specific and different technological, social and emotional, and higher cognitive skills. To rise to the challenge of developing these capabilities, the education sector must be at the forefront of change, continuously evolving and adapting to meet these new needs.

At the centre of this innovation must be the university sector, whose scale, reach and impact will be fundamental to developing the higher-order capabilities that will define the future of work. To succeed in this challenge, university offerings must continue to evolve to adapt to the changing economy and to ensure that they are built to meet the new needs of the modern learner.

This is why we are absolutely delighted to introduce FourthRev’s University Career Accelerators.

What are FourthRev’s Career Accelerators?

University Career Accelerators are unique, online programmes developed by world renowned universities and leading global technology companies to meet the needs of the digital economy and the modern learner. Career Accelerators develop the technical knowledge and practical skills needed to perform in real-world roles, the business knowledge necessary to translate those abilities into meaningful company value, the human skills crucial for gaining and retaining jobs, and the cognitive capabilities essential for ongoing growth.

University Career Accelerators key facts:

  • 6-month, online programmes developed by leading universities in collaboration with FourthRev’s global technology partners
  • Built for career changers and career starters seeking high-growth opportunities in the digital economy
  • Prepare learners for career success through a unique combination of academic excellence, technology skills, human skills and applied professional development
  • Result in certification from globally renowned universities with credit pathways to formal academic postgraduate qualifications.
  • Central focus on job outcomes, with job matching to FourthRev employer partners seeking digital talent.

Why are Career Accelerators needed?

To enable individuals to lead fulfilling and successful economic and social lives, and for the economies of the future to succeed, we must close the digital capability gap. The current mismatch between the huge demand for digital talent and the dramatic shortfall of graduate and working professionals with the requisite digital capabilities is forecast to cost G20 countries $11.5tn in lost GDP growth to 2030.

FourthRev’s own research has found that without access to the right quality and quantity of talent, well over half of businesses reported they were concerned about missing out on key strategic deliverables (60%) within the next five years, as well as not delivering value to shareholders (55%). 54% reported finding it difficult to source good candidates for entry-level digital economy roles and that just over half (53%) would pay over the odds to acquire the digital skills they need.

We found that a key cause for concern amongst employers (88%) is a lack of confidence in the existing structures of the education sector to deliver capabilities required to thrive in the digital economy. With only 15% of organisations backing digital skills boot camps as a way to close the gap and 22% feeling that university alone would provide the right skill sets, 66% of talent leaders would prefer a hybrid solution that combines academic qualifications as well as a practical work portfolio.

By combining the very best of career focused, high ROI education with the value of the world’s best universities, Career Accelerators offer a unique proposition to unlock high-growth digital careers:

The very best of career focused, high ROI education (bootcamps):

  • Technical skills
  • Real project experience
  • Industry certification
  • Career coaching
  • Job matching

Unique value of the world’s best universities:

  • Higher-order graduate capabilities
  • Academic quality and excellence
  • University certification
  • Employer Recognition
  • Globally recognised academic qualifications

What does this mean for learners?

For career changers and career starters seeking high-growth roles in the digital economy, Career Accelerators offer a truly ‘best of both worlds’ proposition.

These intensive learning opportunities are built with industry and acutely focused on delivering direct job outcomes. Simultaneously, delivered by the world’s best universities, learners know they will undertake a learning experience of the highest quality, develop the higher order capabilities that will differentiate them in the digital economy, and be backed by qualifications that will be recognised all over the world.

Career Accelerators are delivered by top university faculty and industry expert facilitators that operate in digital fields on a daily basis. They follow a project-based learning framework focused on developing applied capabilities that can be evidenced to employers through an assessed project portfolio.

Learners build holistic skills sets developed utilising proprietary industry data and informed by FourthRev’s technology and employer partners. These skills sets ensure they have the pre-requisite capabilities required to gain digital technology jobs, and the higher order capabilities that will differentiate them and allow them to adapt and thrive to accelerate their careers.

Learners receive intensive careers support throughout their learning journey, including strengths analysis, CV development, mock interviews and job matching through FourthRev’s network of employer and recruitment partners.

By combining the best of careers focused education with the value of the world’s best universities, Career Accelerators deliver two key outcomes for learners. The first is the delivery of new career opportunities, with learners prepared for new job success or to accelerate their progression within an existing field. The second outcome is a credential from a renowned university recognised all over the world, with a pathway to an accredited postgraduate qualification.

How can learners get started?

FourthRev is delighted to launch our University Career Accelerators September 2021 with the first of our university partner programmes enrolling learners now.

These online first programmes are designed to support career changers and career starters whenever they are located as long as they are committed to achieving high-growth roles in the digital economy.

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