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The Real-World Results of our LSE Learners

A common concern for learners everywhere – whether they’re enrolled in degrees, short courses, bootcamps or Master’s programmes – is whether their education will translate into results in the real world. The challenge for education providers is that every learner’s goals are unique, so a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work equally well for everyone. 

To keep the focus on real-world results, the ultimate measure of success for a Career Accelerator is the number of “unique career outcomes” achieved; the number of learners who meet or exceed the goals they set in the first few weeks of orientation.

There are also elements of a Career Accelerator – like 1:1 career coaching and a support team of success managers and facilitators – that adapt to the specific needs of each learner. This team helps you map a tailored approach that considers your aspirations, limitations, and biggest opportunities. 

As of January 2024, 87.5% of learners have achieved their desired career goal within just six months of completing a Career Accelerator.1

Since 2022, 184 learners from the LSE Data Analytics Career Accelerator have achieved the intended outcome they set at the start of the programme, and that number continues to grow.2

Meet our learners

While our Career Accelerator learners come from a range of backgrounds, they’re all ambitious professionals who understand that data fluency is essential for better decision-making, improved business performance, and standing out in a competitive job market.  

Get a glimpse of the people starting out; transitioning into new fields; getting promotions; securing salary increases, and building meaningful careers to thrive in.

Our learners join the programme because they want to:

  • transition into a data analytics role
  • gain the skills job ads ask for and fill their technical skills gap
  • boost their professional image and be more marketable in a competitive job market
  • get hands-on experience and build a portfolio that proves their skills

Most of our learners are full-time working professionals who needed a programme that was structured and supportive. They were able to fit studying into their busy schedules with the help of the asynchronous learning experience; you can study and catch up on recorded sessions when it suits you best. Plus, you have a dedicated Career Coach to help you set goals, and a Success Manager to help you keep your studies on track.

“The experience of the Career Accelerator has been great. I’ve learned so many things outside of the course content and felt supported throughout. This programme has surpassed all my expectations.”

Here’s what they’ve achieved*

*Since writing this article in January, our learner outcomes have grown to 184, and counting.

I changed industries

“I re-entered the job market during the pandemic after running my own business for 20 years. I had no previous data experience and was hired as a senior data engineer.” 

I got promoted

“I was happy with my job but I couldn’t help thinking, ‘What next?’ (I got) a fresh perspective and I saw how many opportunities there are working in data. My new skills helped me take on more responsibility at work and feel more fulfilled.”

The average salary increase reported by our learners since completing a Career Accelerator is 21.9%. Many of our learners were looking for a programme to help them boost their professional image and opportunities. Earning a formal qualification from LSE gives employers credible proof of what you’re capable of, and ensures the recognition – and promotions – you deserve.

I pivoted into a new role

“I was working in the training and development team, but wanted to move into data. My employer was so impressed with my progress on the Career Accelerator that they promoted me to an analyst role effective immediately.”

Highlights of the learning journey

Career coaching

“Working with my Career Coach was a real eye-opener for me. I really questioned whether it was too late to do something different at my age, and she helped me see the world of possibilities that are out there. I left my career in education after 16 years and am now thriving in my new role as a lead data scientist.” 

Structured learning

“The material is presented clearly and the online platform is easy to use. The concepts build logically throughout the course and I like all the additional support, like the live sessions and student community, that you don’t usually get on most programmes. I also like the fact that I can study at times that work for me.

Course content

“This Career Accelerator teaches a high quality of content. It’s very interactive with good practical exercises and strong support from the programme team.”

You can learn more about the Career Accelerator structure and experience here.

Online learning

Studying online gave me the freedom to decide my own hours. The original draw to it was that it was a part-time course where I could work on it as well as spend time for myself and work on projects. That split was very useful for my own mental health and physical health in general.”

1Based on FourthRev graduate data as of January 2024.

2 Based on FourthRev graduate data as of May 2024.

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