We explore why now is the best time to pursue a career in data, from industry demand to career growth potential. Get the insights.
Here's a closer look at the different career goals achieved by three learners on the LSE Data Analytics Career Accelerator. Read their stories here.
Becoming skilled in data doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a data analyst. We list diverse careers you can explore with data analytics skills. Read more.
Opening Industry Doors With Data: Read Hussein’s Story
"After a decade in civil service, Hussein wanted a change. Data analytics helped him shift industries and jobs. Read his success story."
Tayla Withers
Elodie took the leap and left her teaching career to pursue her dream of working as a data analyst after enrolling in the LSE Data Analytics Career Accelerator.
The demand for data analysts continues to rise in 2023. If you're looking to move into a data analytics role, here are the answers to frequently asked questions.

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