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How Three Data Analytics Graduates Achieved Their Career Goals

As of January 2024, over 130 graduates of the LSE Data Analytics Career Accelerator have reported back to us about the career results they’ve achieved.

With each goal unlocked, we’ve seen how the programme meets our learners where they’re at in their careers – whether they’re starting out, changing career tracks, or wanting to advance in their current roles.

Some learners, like Elodie, have moved into data analytics after spending decades working in a completely different field. Others, like Hussein, have gone from having no experience with data to adding Python, R, Tableau and other data-related languages and technologies to their skill sets. We’ve seen other learners achieve career results like salary increases, promotions, and a rejuvenated sense of meaning and direction at work.

In this article, we dive into the stories of three graduates of the LSE Data Analytics Career Accelerator and hear first-hand how the programme helped them achieve the results they were looking for in their careers.

Hazel impressed her employer and moved into the data role she wanted

Hazel was working at a new start-up in a training and development role but had a keen interest in data. At the start of the Career Accelerator, Hazel made it her goal to move into an analyst position after she’d finished the programme.

She picked up new skills quickly while working on the coursework and, with the encouragement of her Career Coach, decided to approach her manager to discuss how she could make a career move in the future. She found out that her company was in the process of setting up an analytics team, and they were so impressed with how she’d used her new data-backed skills to automate one of her training reports that they offered her a data analytics position much sooner than she expected.

“This course gave me the confidence to push forward, and understand that whilst I might not yet know all of the code, I do know the approach to take. It was this, alongside the amazing support I’ve received throughout the programme which allowed me to have those conversations with my manager, which has resulted in my new opportunity as an analyst.”

Ash fast-tracked his career change to data analytics

After nearly two decades, Ash found himself back in the job market due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He’d been a business owner but now wanted to explore what a career in data looked like. The LSE Data Analytics Career Accelerator was the perfect springboard for this change.

The programme helped him not only update his knowledge of new industry practices and technologies but also learn new languages like R and Python and BI tools like Tableau.

Halfway through the programme, Ash found a job as a Senior Data Engineer at CityWire. The skills he’d developed in machine learning and advanced statistical modelling, combined with his past leadership experience and knowledge of business operations, set him apart from other candidates, and his employer was impressed with how he could drive results for the company.

“This course is a comprehensive instruction of all the skills and tools one needs to make it as a data analyst. It’s helped me connect different siloed bits of information and turn them into a marketable skill set for employers. The best bit about the course – the team and the support they provide! Enrolling in the course was the best career decision I have made.”

Akira unlocked new opportunities when she pivoted her career

Before she found the LSE Data Analytics Career Accelerator, Akira was at a crossroads in her career. While she enjoyed the work she was doing, she wanted bigger opportunities and to step out of her comfort zone.

Once she got started with the programme, she found the career support from her Success Manager and Career Coach to be particularly helpful. With their guidance, she was able to plot the direction she wanted to move in and build her professional image and confidence.

It wasn’t long until she had multiple opportunities to explore in the data analytics space. After completing the Career Accelerator, she was hired as a data operations support analyst at Parkinson’s UK.

“Having all the additional support alongside the lectures helped so much. My LinkedIn got very, very busy, and I didn’t have time to answer all the people in my inbox. It’s completely changed how I present myself to the working world and how the working world reacts towards me. The career coaching was a great help!”

Ready to go after your career goal?

Hazel, Ash, and Akira all started the LSE Career Accelerator with little-to-no data experience. In just six months, however, they forged new paths in one of the most in-demand and high-earning careers.

If you’re curious about how this Career Accelerator could help you achieve your career goals in 2024, download the brochure or speak to one of our Enrolment Advisors to find out more about the programme.

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