Introducing Career Accelerators

Career Accelerators are unique, online programmes developed by world renowned universities and leading global technology companies to meet the needs of the digital economy and the modern learner.

Why Remote Work Should Be Asynchronous

As we reimagine work environments with the return to offices and new hybrid models, we need to consider the challenges global remote workers – often in diverse time zones – face on a daily basis. Local office co-workers can meet on a whim to discuss ideas or issues outside remote team members’ working hours to resolve issues or determine a new process affecting a team project. However, rather than contributing, remote team members often awaken

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How Project-based Learning Can Accelerate Your Career

Now is an exciting time to make a career move. With COVID-19 accelerating the need for digital skills, new gaps are opening in the market, which has seen employers expanding their recruiting efforts dramatically. That being said, they’re not looking for just anyone to fill these positions. With the world still adapting to the pandemic’s significant changes, employers are seeking out individuals who can add value to their organisation immediately. These ideal candidates have strong

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Thoughtworks joins as industry collaborator in Data Analytics Career Accelerator

Leading global technology consultancy, Thoughtworks, has become the latest employer partner to join the Data Analytics Career Accelerator, a new programme being developed by The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in collaboration with online education company FourthRev. Set out as a specific skill in need earlier this year by the UK Government, there will be an estimated 20 million data analyst roles required by 2025 globally. This, combined with Thoughtworks’ research showing

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FourthRev and The London School of Economics and Political Science launch first ‘Career Accelerator’ in data analytics

FourthRev, the digital education company, and The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) are announcing today the launch of the online Data Analytics Career Accelerator. Built in collaboration with global technology companies and leading employers, this Career Accelerator delivers an immersive, project-based, and fully online experience available to learners anywhere in the world. The programme empowers participants with the technical, analytical and human skills necessary to launch or advance a career in the

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